Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Steaks stuffed with bacon then wrapped with more bacon


Bacon brings the best flavors in any food.  Everything wrapped in bacon tastes good, and if it already tasted good before, it tastes batter.  

I made this loooong time ago, before Tasty Makes Happy even born.  I never posted this so far, but since I didn't get +1 by Filip for my kale salad because it lacked meat, I thought I needed to make up for it with this very meaty dish.  

I was at home one day and I was wondering what to do.  I had some bacon and some stakes, and the idea of stuffing the steaks with bacon, then wrapping them in bacon came quickly to my mind.  

Here is what you need:
4 thin steaks
a package of thin cut smoked bacon
seasoning salt, ground black pepper

If the steaks are not thin enough, you might have to pound them more  Try not to make any holes, but keep in mind that it doesn't matter all that much.  Once you wrap them in bacon, it will be good, no matter what.

Sprinkle seasoning salt and pepper on both sides of the steaks.  

Preheat the oven to 375F.

Put a couple of slices of bacon in the middle of each steak, and roll them along the longer side.  Wrap with bacon covering all of the surface.  You can use as much bacon as you want.  Use toothpicks to hold the rolls together.  

Place in the open safe baking dish and cover with lid.  If your dish doesn't have a lid use some Tin foil.  No need to grease the pan- remember you are cooking with excessive amounts of bacon.  Bake covered for about 30-45 minutes then uncover and bake until the top side becomes crispy.  Turn the rolls over and allow the other side to get crispy as well.

After taking this dish out of the oven, allow it to cool.  Then remove the toothpicks and slice into cross sections and serve.  You may even garnish the plate with some non meat food items such as salad greens, tomato slices or parsley.  

I took this dish to a friend's house for a moving showing.  It was quite popular and it didn't last long.


Here is another bacon wrapped recipe:  Stuffed with Cheese Rolled with Bacon



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