Friday, January 8, 2010

Saltfish with vegetables and callaloo

We picked up this breakfast at Sweet Spice outside of Negril on the way to Mayflower falls. Jackie, out taxi driver, recommended it, and we trusted Jackie in his choice of good local food. The restaurant was inside of this dilapidated plaza which had bars on all doors and windows. There were no other cars or people there, and absolutely no tourists. We followed Jackie into the empty restaurant. One of the waitresses came up to us to take our order. She did not give us the menu, just told us our choices: (1) saltfish, (2) chicken, and (3) liver. Jackie stayed till the waitress took our order and made sure we understood each other, then went back to his car to wait for us, or whatever funny business he does while waiting.
So, back to the saltfish. First impressions: very greasy, also salty. I like greasy, so this is a more than adequate breakfast for me. Greasy saltfish was mixed with greasy peppers, carrots and zucchinis. The green stuff is callaloo. Callaloo is a leafy veritable (similar to spinach or chard). Callaloo is sauteed with other stuff that blends in. I could also identify finely chopped green beans in this mixture. This dish is served with some pastry on the side, sort of sweet, but tastes good when you dip it in the seasoned fish grease. This was all excellent and there was nothing left on my palte (even the veggies were gone!)


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