Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jerk Pork & Jerk Chicken- Jamaican Food Experience

Jerk chicken and jerk pork can be bought on every corner in Jamaica. Around noon, they open up these can looking grills on the streets, and start smoking them- smells so good and makes your mouth water for a good Jamaican meal. I think it is their national fast food (not very fast thought, but nothing is very fast in Jamaica). It is basically grilled meat with jerk seasoning rub or marinated in jerk sauce. Jerk seasoning is spicy, but I can still eat it, it's that good.

This jerk pork was so tender and tasty. It was marinated and grilled to perfection! It was served with steamed veggies, grilled banana and a jerk sauce which was too spicy for me to eat.

We also ate jerk chicken at another place but forgot to bring the camera that evening. Can you believe that? We took over 2,000 photos, and often carried around 2 cameras each! Still, we both forgot to bring a camera to document 1/2 jerk chicken which took 1.5 hours to make it to our table. As I said, nothing is fast in Jamaica, but the time you spend waiting is well worth the food. Meals are prepared fresh, and that takes time. Fresh and quick just don't go together in the food world.

Don't worry, I did not leave Jamaica without a jerk seasoning package! There will be some jerk chicken at my house sometimes soon!

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  1. You definitely need to try jerk from a roadside vendor instead of a restaurant. Its WAAAY better!