Friday, January 8, 2010

Local Fruit- Jamaican Food Experience

Jamaica was once called the "land of wood and water". With its rivers, waterfalls, mountains, and fertile plains, it produces various sorts of exotic fruits. The fruit vendors can be seen not only at the farmers market, but also on the beach, next to the roads, parking lots, etc.

Here is a street banana vendor in downtown Negril. Note the wooden stick that is used here to prop the trunk door open.

Negril farmers market is conveniently located next to Juici Patties. We picked up some small bananas, mango and a papaya. The nice lady pealed them and cut them up for us.

Ackee is commonly used in many Jamaican dishes, including meat dishes, omelets, etc. It grows on trees, so it is virtually free. The fruit must ripen on the tree, which causes the pods to open. Only the white parts are eatable and the black seeds are discarded. Also, this fruit must be cleaned and cooked properly, otherwise it can be poisonous. When prepared properly, ackee has high nutritional value and is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, zinc, and protein.
If you would like to see some dishes that contain ackee, please click here.

Here are a pineapple that we saw at the Mayfield falls.

On the way back from Mayfiled falls we saw this guy (picture below) selling fruit next to the road. We stopped and I ordered a coconut. Jackie asked the guy to first hold the basket on his head so that we could take a photo. Cool! Then he cut my coconut and stuck a straw in it. It was refreshing, except it was not easy to drink since the road had too many pot holes.

More coconuts sold at the street stand.

Coconuts sold at the parking lot on the way to the beach:

Banana tree

Curry root- really smells like curry!

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